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Who is CAP?

The mission of Comprehensive Autism Partnership, Inc. is to provide children with autism and other disabilities or challenges the most efficacious treatment possible based on proven methods and best practices in the field. This includes data-driven, individualized programs which focus on using Applied Behavior Analysis to reduce the instances of disruptive behaviors and increase socially significant behaviors.

Our programs are supervised by Board Certified Licensed Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs) and focus on direct in-home therapy, community based therapy, parent training, and social groups to help children function to the best of their ability in society.

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Social Groups

About ABA

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) based therapy and treatment uses the basic principals of behavior analysis to change and improve the quality of lives of its consumers.

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Puzzle Solving


At CAP, Inc., we are dedicated to teaching children, to training their families to be more effective teachers and to insure that everyone who works with our children use the best possible ABA methods currently available.

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Resources for special needs kids


Local resources are an invaluable tool when navigating services for your special needs child.

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